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Andrea ​LuppiTransformingHomes Ltd

The affordability of a small Company with all of the skills and experience needed for the full completion of your project.

ALTH is a team of fully insured, qualified, multi skilled and experienced workers that undertake big or small projects with the same passion and care.

From the planning to completion, ALTH will follow and honestly advise you all the way along, step by step, until the delivery of the finished job.

ALTH do not promise the impossible, we are working on it, but we can guarantee that we will do our best to give you reason to recommend us to all your family and friends. The best advertisement is word of mouth. This is how ALTH keeps growing.

Do not worry if your is not a big project, ALTH will take care of it with the same professionalism of a full renovation.

ALTH is proud of showing you the products we can supply on our website. So, do not lose anymore time in reading this and try ALTH.

A simple phone call with no obligations of any kind may solve all of your problems and make your dreams a reality.

Hello, you are meeting ALTH,

Andrea Luppi 

Transforming Home Ltd, established in England since 2009 and still growing...